400,000 families reached
  • The distribution of over 400,000 awareness cards for parents and health professionals is teaching the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer.
  • The Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust is funding the insertion of this card into the PCHR (Infant Red Book given to the parents of newborn babies) in many regions.
Funding vital research

Research into childhood solid tumours is very underfunded. Currently the GKLT is funding two research programmes into rhabdoid and other rare solid tumours to help search for better and kinder treatments for children with these aggressive tumours.

Financial support following the death of a child
  • In the last year, 8 children from the UK have passed away within the GKLT support group.
  • GKLT provide support grants to the families affected to help towards funeral and other costs at this devastating time.


Providing educational resources
  • The Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust has produced educational resources for parents and professionals to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer.
  • We have also recently released publications for parents who have a child with a rhabdoid tumour. These have been rolled out to principal treatment centres on a national basis. These publications are the first of their kind for this tumour type in the UK.


Support for families

Support is crucial for families affected by childhood cancer. GKLT runs an online support group for families from the UK and internationally for those affected by rhabdoid and other rare aggressive solid tissue tumours. This provides a much needed,  "Beacon of light in a terrible storm."