Fundraising for the Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust

Thank you for your interest in fundraising for the Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust. We hope that you will find the information on the next few fundraising pages useful. Fundraising can be a lot of fun and do a lot of good as well.

We rely on donations from our fundraisers, so your support is hugely appreciated.

Setting up a fundraising page

This is often the easiest way to fundraise. Once set up, it allows you to advertise on social media, it collects your money for you and also takes care of claiming gift aid as well. Gift aid can be claimed on donations from UK taxpayers. For every £1 donated, 25pence can be reclaimed which really mounts up.

It also avoids having to go round and collect sponsorship from your friends after an event has taken place.

To set up a page, please go to the link below and once on the Virgin Money Giving Page select "Start Fundraising."


Sponsor forms

Ask people sponsoring you to select gift aid if they qualify by ticking the gift aid box on the sponsorhip form. To enable us to claim, please make sure your sponsor fills in their full name, house number and postcode as well.  It is worth an extra 25p for every £1 donated so can make a big difference to the amount raised.