Childhood cancer types by incidence for ages 0 to 14

For oncological classification, a child is defined as between 0 to 14 years and a young person is defined as between 15 and 24 years. 

49% of cases occur in the under-fives making this the age group is which child cancer is most likely to occur 

Leukaemia is the most common childhood cancer in the UK forming 30% of cases. It is also the cancer type that general clinicians are most likely to be aware of the warning signs.

Brain and spinal tumours are the second most common diagnosis forming 27% of cases.

​Solid tumours form 60% of cases of childhood cancers, therefore a GP is statistically more likely to see a solid tumour than a child with leukaemia. this is why it is so important for clinicians and parents to be aware of the symptoms and signs.